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10May 2021

How to Print HD Screen Printing Silicone? Preparation: 1.Mesh&Squeegee: 120(48T) Mesh number; 65-75 degree Squeegee.2.: Pigments added ratio: For white and fluorescent color 20%, other colors 10%3.Catalyst mixing ratio:2% slow dry XG-866B-1 and fast dry XG-866B-2 can mix together for using4.Thinner XG-128A adding ratio:0-20% thinner is not necessary for hand printing5.Heating Temp and time: Flash […]

13Dec 2020

What is Silicone Ink? Silicone ink, also called screen printing silicone or silicone-based ink, is a kind of environmentally protective screen printing ink that used for printing on fabric, leather for example, on T-shirts or Shoes. It is mainly used in the textile printing industry. It is a very good substitute for traditional oil-based screen printing ink. […]

25Nov 2020

Last Month on 28th to 30th October, The 34th CSGIA/Textile Digital Printing (China) Expo and China (Shenzhen) International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Technology Fair were held in Shenzhen New International Exhibition Center. Xingguang Silicone (XG Silicone), as a main and professional global silicone ink manufacturer supplier, Participated the Expo. The fair also called DS […]

22Jul 2020

China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo from XG siliconeExpo name : Poly World Trade Center Expo.Pazhou GuangzhouDate: 2020.08.04 -06Booth number:T043, Hall No: 1 We are specializing in producing textile silicone ink :Machine printing silicone ink (both for machine and hand printing HD, glossy ,matte ,puff…),heat transfer silicone ink and materials ,natural drying silicone ink for […]

01Jul 2020

To make good quality shoelace tipping effect kindly following bellow tips: 1st  Diping silicone Clear layer 1 time Dipping silicone XG-20S    100G Fast dry catalyst  XG-KB    10G  10% (10G silicone to mix with 1G catalyst) Thinner XG-128AH         100-120G   100-120%  (10G silicone to mix with 10-12G thinner) To dip one time and wait about 40-70 minutes to […]

11Aug 2019

We Jiangxi Xinguang Co., Ltd. & Huizhou Yirun sililcione Co., Ltd. are specializing in producing textile silicone ink both  for machine and hand printing HD, glossy ,matte ,puff…),heat transfer silicone ink ,Natural dry silicone ink for shoelace dipping ,embossing and molding silicone ink and so on. It is an honour for us to have a privilege to […]

07May 2019

Silicone transfer logo making by hot melt powder   Printing vidoe: Pinting tips: Silicone ink PET films: Two types : one is glossy coating film which will be glossy after heating press on fabric ,another one is matte finish effect after heating press on fabric. Mesh number: 120-200 , Mesh(screen film )thickness 0.1-0.2MM,it is depends on […]

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